June 13 – Landing

After weeks and months of absolutely no planning whatsoever I land at JFK airport. Luckily Sarah had me complete the ESTA beforehand.

I woke at 5am for the plane, landed midday local time (about 5pm origin) and got to the hotel via the Metro system around 4pm local, FaceTime with a very tired Sarah and then fell asleep, on and off for the next 12 hours.

My bag was 5kg over, 25kg in total, it’s so heavy to carry – I think I will have to ditch some of my stuff…

I was incredibly tired by the time I got to Penn Metro Station, but it was incredible coming out onto the street. Every film, TV show, computer game, photo of New York, hit me at once. It was like walking into a living film set, buildings as high as you can see, streets as far as you can see. Pavements as wide as the roads in the UK just full of people, everyone looks like they have a purpose in trying to get somewhere.

An Ambulance and Fire Truck sped past me, sirens blasting, it was quite breathtaking.

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