June 15 – New York City

7am start, I gave myself quite bad blisters on my feet from all the walking the previous day, so decided to take it a little easier today.

First stop was the Financial District, I rode the Metro and again struck when I got out of the subway to see the sheer size of the place. The size of the buildings is quite staggering, there are the smaller older buildings still in place which is really nice.

One of the first things I saw was people sleeping rough, in the Finance Capital of the World. The juxtaposition of rich and poor is really prevalent in New York.

I wondered to the World Trade Center Memorial, a very moving place, the two monuments are quite eerie. Very impressive, huge holes in the ground with water cascading down them.

I went to Wall Street to see the Bull, but annoyingly there were about 200 Chinese tourists gathered around it. I bought a coffee and waited an hour, but they were still there.

The next stop was the Brooklyn Bridge. Although close to Wall Street, I went via the dock/port area. The sun was shining, very hot and I was listening to music, really good feeling.

The bridge is totally packed, mostly tourists, with some people actually using it to cross. When I got to the other side I rode the Metro to see the Ghostbusters Firehouse.

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