June 16 – Travel to Boston

My original plan was to get up early, run to Central Park, have a run there and then get back, leave the hotel and get the bus…

I slept through 2 alarms, when luckily Sarah FaceTimed me and woke me up. Nothing awful, 8am. I had time to shower and finish packing before leaving the hotel for the Bus Port.

The walk was about 30 minutes, by the time I found the loading area, the bag was so heavy I felt quite sick. The bus arrived around 10:30 and took roughly 5 hours to get to Boston.

I wasn’t quite ready for the walk to the Hostel, it wasn’t far, but I knew I would have to break with the bags. I stuck the bags on a bench for a break, when someone walking past shouted “Camping is not allowed in this area!” – I looked up and was greeted by a cheesy, albeit toothless smile from someone walking past.

When I arrived at the hostel I was blown away – it’s fantastic! There are lots of communal areas, everything is super modern and they organise social events for everyone. Vending machines, coffee, kitchen, pool, laundry – everything you need! That evening I signed up to the same franchise in Washington DC and another hostel in Philly.

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