• Enthusiastic and motivated Senior Electronics Engineer, with over 8 years experience in defence, transport and space industries.
  • Managed the development, build and integration of Radiation Monitor Payloads, Satellite Imager Payloads and Orbit-Control Systems.
  • Proficient design, development, system-level, test, integration and customer-facing engineer.
  • Competent in VHDL/FPGA, Python, TCL, PHP/HTML/JavaScript, Matlab, Unix.
  • Experienced test engineer – from board-level fault-finding through to customer training.
  • Company champion of the Radiation Monitor, published in IEEE journal with Surrey Uni.
  • A public speaker and ambassador for both the company and education of students.
  • Guest speaker at an event headlined by astronaut Tim Peake, winner of ‘I’m an Engineer get me out of here’ 2016 and interviewed for an article on engineering in the Telegraph.


Nov​ ​2015​ ​–​ ​present Senior​ ​Electronics​ ​Engineer Imager​ ​Elec., SSTL

Satellite Imager Payloads

  • Work Package Manager (WPM) for 2 satellite imager payloads – responsible for schedule, budget, test and delivery.  The imagers are both multi-spectral, 22-meters in resolution, with both full-colour and near-infrared spectroscopy capabilities.
  • Personally conducted and reviewed full suite of optical tests and adjustments, including alignment, focus with Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Radiometry.
  • Development of the FPGA to cater for faster line periods within the CCDs, in order that the imager can operate at lower orbits (for higher resolution images).
  • Wrote TCL scripts, interfacing to the Front End Electronics, optical stages and light sources.
  • Client demonstrations for operating the imager payload.

Radiation Monitor Payloads (throughout time at SSTL)

  • I managed a collaboration with Surrey University, taking the Radiation Monitor from a prototype to 3 completed units on the SSTL flagship fleet (DMC-3) in a 3-month time period.
  • Low profile, low power, low cost unit for deployment on all SSTL missions and export market.
  • Product-owner and champion of the unit – as well as interfacing with operations to maintain the units, I manage the Product Development which mainly concerns Radiation Analysis – creating specialist software to process the in-orbit data into human-readable formats.  


Publicity (throughout time at SSTL)

  • I have written and presented 30 talks in 4 years to schools, colleges, Universities and learned societies, including the IET and the Royal Aeronautical Society.
  • A long working relationship with the Smallpiece Charity, speaking at science camps.
  • Written case studies for career magazines, most notably the Royal Aeronautical Society.
  • Winner of the ‘I’m an engineer get me out of here’ 2016 competition, receiving a cash-prize, which was put towards educational materials to aid STEM activities.
  • Active member within the IET, producing projects to take to career fairs, for example, a robot arm that makes cups of tea, controlled via game-controller and iPad.


Remove Debris – Start-up Module

  • WPM and developer for the Start-up Module on RemoveDebrisSAT.
  • I developed the initial design into a qualified unit to be handled aboard the International Space Station.
  • Built and delivered to meet a critical path activity for deployment.


Outreach and Training (throughout time at SSTL)

  • For 3 years, developed my own work experience programme (GCSE to Post-Degree students)
  • SSTL has now officially adopted my work XP programme, providing me with a budget and I now co-run it with senior and junior members of staff.
  • My personal tally of students helped is now over 70 in four years, providing a direct benefit to the student and the company, such as working on proof-of-concept designs for SSTL.

Sep​ ​2013​ ​–​ ​Nov​ ​2015 Senior​ ​Electronics​ ​Engineer AOCS, ​SSTL

My role was Work Package Manager, in the ‘Attitude Orbit Control System’ Equipment team.

  • Responsible to Project Managers, I was the WPM for over 100 units, across 7 product lines to deliver to 11 satellite missions.
  • The products include: Sun Sensors, Magnetometers, Magnetorquers, Gyros, Propulsion Controllers, Interface Modules and the Radiation Monitors.
  • A notable achievement was the delivery of over 50 units to a foreign customer within a year, the fastest turnaround the company has for small satellites.  Furthermore, this was by some margin the most profitable mission the company has had in several years.

Nov​ ​2011​ ​–​ ​Sep​ ​2013 Junior​ ​Electronics​ ​Engineer Imager​ ​Elec., SSTL

  • I achieved delivery of the Earth Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) for 2 scientific instruments used on European Space Agency (ESA) missions.
  • The goal was to design a test system to function during Thermal Vacuum and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests at off-site facilities such as MSSL in Dorking and RAL in Oxford.
  • Eurotherm temperature controllers, scan-card multimeters controlled via TCL scripts.


Oct 2010 – Nov 2011      Lead Test Engineer                      Curtiss-Wright Corporation

SES, a Curtiss-Wright company, designs and manufactures rugged instrument products for defence.  My role as lead test engineer and champion of the Digital Video and Data Recorder (DVDR):

  • Manage a small team in the test department, prioritising testing of sub-assemblies to optimise output, in order to meet payment-on-demand deadlines.
  • Board level fault-finding and qualification-level testing for the customer, EADS.
  • Elected as a staff representative, during negotiations of takeover from Curtiss-Wright.


Jul 2007 – Jun 2008        Industry Placement                    Sperry Rail

Sperry Rail, a global company specialising in testing railway track with ultrasonic technology.  My role was to design, build, qualify and implement test-equipment used by Sperry Rail operators to reduce the time taken to fault-find during operations.



Training courses (recent)

Technical: Matlab, VHDL/FPGA, ESD, MS office, Git, Python, PHP/HTML/JavaScript.

Soft skills: Media handling, employee representative, peer-peer feedback.


MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering with placement year

University of Portsmouth October 2004 – June 2010

  • 1st Class Final year project, sponsored by Sperry Rail: showed sound research and analytical ability when designing control system for aligning sensors using an FPGA based system. Achieved improved stability in order to increase running speed from 50 kph to 85 kph.
  • Units included: microcontrollers, VHDL, analogue electronics, root cause analysis, concise technical report writing, Game Theory and real-time noise-cancellation DSP system.


  • Active – gym, mountain biking, golf, sailing and snowboarding.
  • A keen trumpet player for over 20 years, I have played in various Jazz/Swing bands.
  • Design electronics projects to encourage students into engineering, notably a JARVIS home automation system, using Amazon Dot, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Microcontrollers.
  • Other: photography, video editing, reading, web design and visiting museums/galleries.