JARVIS – building a module box

The JARVIS station for my workshop.  The design is inspired by the Dedsec art style from Watch Dogs 2 and houses the ardunio that monitor and controls the lights in my workshop.

Step 1 – cutting the front panel

I wanted to cut a window so you can see the electronics inside – as I was re-purposing the box, that decided how large I was to cut the window.

A useful video for using a dremel-cutter for case mods.



Step 2 – cutting the bottom panel

For cutting the holes, I measured the holes out, marking with a red sharpie and used masking tape for an extra guide.





Step 3 – mounting the arduino






Step 4 – cutting the holes for button and PIR sensor







Step 5 – drilling a hole for the DC input jack





Step 6 – cutting the mouse-hole for the sensors






Step 7 – sanding and cleaning the metalwork




Step 8 – applying the neon green paint after white-primer














Step 9 – masking the areas to keep











Step 10 – painting the box black

I used satin black spray paint.  I used 2 coats to make sure I had a good coating, but I probably could have




Step 11 – removing the taped areas

I let the paint dry naturally, in a cool area.  I learnt the hard way not to put tape near a heater – the glue melts and ruins the painted surface.

Once the paint is dry (about 24 hours) it is safe to remove the tape.







Step 12 – applying clear-coat






Step 13 – drilling holes to mount unit on wall






Step 14 – adding stand-offs







Step 15 – adding the arduino







Step 16 – gluing in the PIR sensor





Photos of the completed unit.