Military DVM PC Case

I turned an old Military multi-meter into a case for my PC, a picture of the finished setup is below.  There are a few photos of the build – they very sparsely cover the build, but at least give a pointer into the how I constructed the unit.

I bought the multi-meter from eBay, you can search for redundant electronics online. Units like this are by no means low-cost, but otherwise very difficult to simply come across items like this that someone is willing just to give away.

After taking apart the whole unit, keeping a rough track of the fittings, it needed a really good clean. I imagine many of the chemicals to be harmful, so I was very careful when cleaning it.
This is inside the unit – I used masking tape to cover the electronics and surfaces I wanted to protect and used standard spray paint to coat the inside. This was just to act as a protective layer.
Some of the plates inside had begun to corrode, so I sprayed them with direct-to-rust paint to protect them.
The PC in question is a Mini-ITX with an Intel Atom. I needed a size that would fit into a small space – I run Ubuntu off an SSD so the PC is fast enough and I save all heavy-work for my main PC.
I fit the plates back onto the front cover, these will hold the analogue display.
I drilled 3, 5mm holes into the bottom of the analogue display and put 3, 5mm yellow LEDs on some vero board to up-light the display.
Fitting the analogue display, now with the up-lighting LEDs into the plates that secure it to the front plate.
Although there is not a use for all the buttons and switches on the front cover, I have wired them into a PCB so that I can use them at a later date when I think of what I could use them for. I also wired in the 5V and 12V from the PC PSU so that I have power going to the LEDs.

the finished article