Mustard Tin Logger

This unit is designed to log temperature and humidity inside a kitchen. The design is such that you can turn the unit the other way and it fits into a kitchen environment – a “fire and forget” approach.

With such a small box, I needed to maximise the space I had – so I made sure everything just fit inside.


The battery, USB charger, SD card logger, Real Time Clock module, Temperature and Humidity sensor and 433MHz Rx had to all fit inside the module.


I soldered all the components onto vero board.


I am using an Arduino Nano to drive the 7-segment display, read the sensors and log to the SD card.


After bread boarding the design, I was able to confidently solder all of the different modules together.
Test, test and test again. Once you have finished testing, you can then continue with more testing.
I had to produce quite a nifty solution to cramming everything in to such a small box.
Part II – everything folding together.
Fairly low-profile, less than 40mm across.

The finished article